March 29, 2005


I can't complain because I'm way less busy with school stuff than every other law student I know. But, I figured I should inform you that my posting has been lacking because I've been rushing through a decent to do list (and definitely not sitting on the couch, drooling on myself):

- analyzing the course offerings for next fall (already?) against my priority list of
1. classes I can take with H;
2. no classes on Fridays;
3. stuff that's interesting to me;
4. stuff that'll be helpful on the bar; and
5. stuff that'll be helpful in my career.

- narrowing down my list of clerkship judges to bother with hail mary packets

- more wedding crap than I can list, including considering several more venues than originally planned while not having either the date or location solidified

- training and tapering for my second half marathon this weekend, in the Golden Gate Headlands

- finishing up as much work in chambers as I can before I leave

- revamping draft 1003 of my note for yet another meeting with my advising professor

- missing a scheduled meeting with the pro se law clerk because I was in another meeting with another clerk about a patent litigation matter

- attending my second wine differences class and learning that I prefer the slightly shaded bunches of light pruning which result in mildly herbaceous cabernet sauvignons to the extremes on either end (vegetative wine from overgrowth of vines vs. fruit bombs from severely pruned or naturally limited growth of vines).

- And, of course, stuffing chocolate in my mouth thanks to E's mother, aka, the easter bunny.

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