April 21, 2005


Today, I went to our school's moot court banquet instead of going to my one class for the week. I did my best to find M, which wasn't quite good enough and barely found him before the banquet started. We had an angle through C, who was getting a text message when the actual awards ceremony commenced (until which time, we were having beers). C made a move and we quickly followed, but apparently, it wasn't fast enough. We missed the announcement of our team.

I was sad. I would have like to stand up with my team all in tow and acknowledge our accomplishments. But, I really enjoyed the beers with M, who is, hands down the best friend I made from my moot court experience. So, how do you weigh that on the scale? I guess you don't. My loyalties were correct -- I would've had less fun standing up without M, but in a perfect world, I would've had our beers and the accolades too.

In the surprising category, my appellate advocacy brief partner, C, and I won an award for the quality of our brief. Thankfully, I was at the ceremony in enough time to shake the judge's hand and accept that one. Later, G told me my eyes were extremely large for the camera flash. Makes sense since I didn't know we'd been nominated. Add the beers with M and you can imagine my confusion...

After the ceremony, I went out for more beers with M & C, but M quickly disappeared. I hung out for a while with randoms who appeared, including S, who reads my blog and in the past has been somewhat insensitive of my desire to be anonymous but today was a rockstar in his pretend-obliviousness of the end of my externship, my trip to puerto rico, etc. Good job S!

Eventually, I ended up chillin' with C and a bunch of people I didn't know. We went to one of their dorm rooms and had a few beers, told some stories, laughed, etc. I felt very much like a normal law student and somewhat sad that I'm so rarely around school for interaction of this type. Typically, I had to cut myself off, buy a diet coke and sober up for the drive home. At one point, one of the girls said, "you're sober, and we're trashed. That must suck." Yeah, but it sucks more when you point it out... anyways...

After I excused myself from the youthful cools I found M--turns out some of the people I was chillin' with were M's friends and he'd been looking for 'em. [laugh] ahhh... the irony. Unfortunately, I left and was halfway home before I thought to call G and congratulate him on graduating, finishing an excellent year of moot court success, etc. He was out at a bar and invited me to join. I, of course, opted to continue home to dinner with E. I made the typical noises about catching up before he's done, but in reality, it's not going to happen and that may be the last time we talk. I'm old. My 3L friends are moving on. Bummer. But good for them.

And now, I have exactly one more class, a ton of reading (since I haven't read a single case for this class), and one final until I'm done with 2L. Add that I've still got one hell of a to-do list, a planned visit to the family, and I'm supposed to start my first summer associateship before I even sit for my final and yeah--I'm busy.

Of course, I don't have too much time to get all weepy over the ebb of lawschool-forged friendships because despite my best efforts, the final draft of my note is only about half-way done. It's a good start, but...

Oh, and the drinking for the banquet -- yeah, I'm sure my immune system is going to eat that up and get over this cold right quick. No way I'm waking up tomorrow AM with the same ugly sore throat I had this AM (think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts...)


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