September 6, 2005

Back In the Swing

The holiday weekend was a wonderful vacation bridge between my crazy summer and my student life. I put in 19 miles of running over 3 days, and in the hot North Georgian hills, no less. At the end of my run every day, I jumped in the lake. We slept in every day. We took a "booze cruise" every afternoon, where the entire household loaded onto the pontoon boat and slowly crawled around the lake while sipping wine, eating hors d'oevres, and watching the sunset. We ate well at all meals, but the culinary star of the weekend was the homemade lemon ice cream every night.

And then, after braving the Atlanta Hartsfield airport on Labor Day, we were home.

Today, I caught up and focused on being a productive student. I got my car washed, finished the laundry, mailed things that needed mailing, scheduled various appointments, and replied to emails.

Then, I happily bought $50 worth of groceries at the hippy european market. Make no mistake that's a TON of vegetables et cetera for two people to consume. I made a menu plan that uses the majority of what I purchased over the next two weeks. Because guess what? For the first time in at least 3 months, we're going to be home and able to enjoy home-cooked meals for two straight weeks. I'm in heaven. Who knows, the house may even get cleaned.

Much to my surprise, I am caught up in my reading for all my classes, save one. That's what I've got to do right now. Read taxation of corporations and partnerships until I finish the assignment, or more likely, until I fall asleep.

Tomorrow, I'll wake, go for a run and sit through classes only to come home, cook dinner and read until I fall asleep. Rinse, lather, repeat. I'm actually looking forward to being back in this grove. It's oddly relaxing.

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