October 23, 2005

And I'm Spent

In the last 7 days, I've accomplished quite a bit. I think the stress-induced inexplicable wedding/lawschool/running/law-job nightmares should calm down a bit. E, no doubt, will be happy with my increased amount of sleep. In particular, I've crossed the following items off my list:

  • Accepted a job offer. While I'm honored to have committed to a job for next fall, the process was exhausting. I spoke with and or met with everyone I know who currently works in the legal field to get their input and opinion on how my options could affect my career. I struggled with the reality that I had to limit my career to one of several paths, and in doing so, close the door to things that I wanted to do. Finally, I went with my gut feeling that I just wasn't ready to say that I'd never set foot in a courtroom ever again. So, I'm done. I supposedly know who I'll be working for and what I'll be doing a year from now. As if humans ever successfully plan that far in advance... (Incidentally, I lost the bet with E, and now owe him dinner at french laundry because he claimed to know my decision as of June 10th, 2005. I, of course, disagreed, challenged him to the bet, and the envelope we sealed with his prediction was correct, so I'm the chump with the check.)

  • Ordered bridesmaids' dresses. My attendants will be wearing a lovely halter top floor-length number. I ordered about one of every possible size that could be used and plan to take liberal use of AT's very friendly return policy.

  • Ran the Nike Half Marathon. It was very different from every race I've ever ran. The announcers kept slipping and using the word "product" in place of "race." That should explain the difference better than any long-winded discourse I could give. Unfortunately, I started with a pace group slower than I planned and was shocked to realize that the course was so crowded that I couldn't move up after I warmed up. Props to the lady who elbowed her way up the hill before fort mason by taking out Team-in-training runners who opted to walk -- the pictures of their inspirations pinned to their jerseys (survivors and deceased) were an excellent contrast to her idiocy. Given the crowds and the funky vibe, I opted to chill out and call it a training run for the US Half. Oddly enough, it's such a fast course that I finished in 2:11, and had a blast running the last two miles at a 7:39 and a 7:34 respectively. I didn't know I could run two miles in succession that fast, and most certainly not at the end of a long run. So that was exciting. Also, B gets props for finishing her first full marathon, as does ALV for finishing the half after waking at dawn.

  • Registered for my first marathon. I've been contemplating running this race for a while. But I kept putting off registration in case I had a change of heart, an injury, or a bout of sanity. Today, the site said it was almost sold out, so I'm committed. Wish me luck.

  • Caught up in my reading. Okay, technically, I'm already behind again, because I'm blogging right now instead of reading for tomorrow, but as of Thursday, I had done all of my reading for my classes before they occurred. It was a good feeling, if brief.

  • Almost finished my editor duties for the article I'm assigned. Yeah, journal is a ridiculous amount of work, but I'm more than halfway done with my major responsibility for the semester.

  • Other miscellaneous: viewed and approved the rehearsal dinner location, ordered groomsmen tuxes, had a doctor's appointment, was fingerprinted for the bar character application, scheduled/signed up for review courses for the MPRE, scheduled my final trial in trial ad, etc.

  • Found that I could successfully relax for hours at a time on the weekend and even slept in for the first time in weeks. Ahhh....

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