January 14, 2008

One of those days

I woke with a worse chest cough than I went to bed with. (The grammar of the previous sentence alone should give you an idea of where the day was headed.) Tired, grumpy, achey. You know, sick.

But, I had a big day of work ahead of me, so I went in early and busted out a 12-hour day.

Around noon I realized I'd left my wallet at home. Awesome. Not that I would want to buy sodas when my throat is sore or anything...

A few minutes later, I found myself at Starbucks with my closest girlfriend from work and she explained why she had given her notice that day. It was for a much better opportunity, and I'm happy for her. But still, I'm really gonna miss her. She's one of the few people at work who will go with me when I *really* need to take an hour or two break.

I stayed late at work to bust through as much as I could and also because I needed access to partners who were very busy all day and sometimes, you just have to wait 'til they have time for you. This waiting was partially to walk through an agreement with a partner where he pointed out all of the things I missed, that I shouldn't have missed, but I did, because I don't have enough time to do as good of a job as I would like to do. Basically, I did some fairly shabby work. And we both knew it.

Thankfully, I coughed my way through the review of the agreement, so he felt sorry for me and probably blamed a little bit of the lackluster performance on my health (when in reality, it's time pressure, life balance, and subconsciously choosing not to spend the time to do a perfect job when I know a partner is going to check my work).

Tonight was supposed to be healthy night -- yoga, vegetarian food, and no alcomohal. But, instead, when I got home, I asked if we could reschedule. E, sweet husband that he is, obliged me (he hates yoga anyways) and went to the store to buy wine and pre-made soup.

Here's to hoping tomorrow is a little bit better.

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