March 19, 2008

Vacation Anticipation

After over 18 months straight of working as an attorney, I'm ready for my first big vacation. For someone who made liberal use of the time off during law school, the 18 months of work has been a serious sacrifice.

So, I've spent the non-travel time planning. In our office, there are no less than 5 books on Japan in a stack, most of whhich I've consulted in the planning stage, but now, they sit there, ready to be packed and referenced on our trip. In my car, there is a full level 1 set of Pimsleur Japanese CD's. I'm on lesson 24 and expect to finish lesson 30 before we depart. I'll report back about the success or failure of the endeavor when I return -- thus far, I have failed spectacularly at making a reservation, but at the time I was only on lesson 12. I think I might be able to muddle through at this point (okay, probably not, but bear with me...)

Today, in a fit of excitement, I ordered another 5 Japan-related books (Japanese literature, food books, history, etc.) as well as 2 other pleasure books that I hope to enjoy on the trip.

Bascially, I'm bouncing off the walls with excitement. I can't wait for the cultural experiences, the food, the wackiness, and, of course, the multiple days in a row with E, without work, where we will share unique experiences that we won't have shared with anyone else in the world except each other.

Also, yesterday, the hotel madness for the Marathon and our booking through the travel agency supposedly handling the international athletes (or posers, in my case) was finally sorted out. We now have a hotel room in Nagano (albeit with twin beds) during the race, and, assuming no injuries or other catastrophes, I will be running the Nagano marathon.

Part of me cannot believe that this trip, which I have been researching and planning for over a year, is finally here. The other part of me knows that of course it is coming, because time moves no matter what, and we set the days and planned the cities and bought the flights, and I've been training for the marathon, because I registered, so the march goes on, and duh...soon enough, we will be there. Of course, it all will NOT go according to plan. But that will be half of its beauty.

Anyways, in the waiting period, lately I've found that work is mellow and mainly more of the same, albeit at a less intense pace. Last weekend, I managed a frenetic visit to the hometown where I saw everyone (literally) that I needed to see who was in town, and now I'm clear on the hometown visits 'til Memorial Day, which is a great feeling.

Also, lest you think my life is all tamagotchi and butterflies, you should know that while at dinner tonight with E and some business buddies of his, I had to take a time out to acknowledge the receipt of an email where a partner referred to a letter I drafted today as Kloodgy. Awesome.

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