May 17, 2009

Better Late than Never

E sent me the adorable story of Shizo Kanakuri, who dropped out of the 1912 summer Olympics marathon only to finish it later. Much later. Like 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 8 hours, and 32 minutes and 20.3 seconds later.

Also, our garden keeps growing:


All of the summer plants are still alive. Although, if I am honest, I will admit that I fear I may lose Green Giant, and Japanese Black Trifele who are not perfect, and may be sick. But the rest appear to be fine.

And, since we planted 34 total varieties, I think we'll be okay.

In other news, the theory that artichoke plants from seeds do not produce until the second or third year is crazy. Check it out:


That artichoke plant? It's a single plant. It's 4 feet tall. It's given us 2 huge artichokes, 2 smaller ones, 1 more huge and is incubating 3-7 medium sized chokes.

Plus, those huge 4-foot tall grass-looking things to the left? That's garlic. Garlic we planted back in October.

And, as if the freakish huge garlic wasn't enough, the onions have started to send up "flower stalks" or "seed stalks" which is ordinarily something that happens after 2 years, but for me, no. We've got 4 foot tall seed stalks on onions that haven't even been harvested after 1 year:


So, yeah. That's the garden.

Also, given the increasing size of the tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, onions, garlic, eggplants, etc. We discontinued the CSA. E gave a cheer when I announced the last delivery. I'm not sure if that's a good thing...


A said...

I am so jealous of the awesomeness that is your garden.

[No Nickname] said...

Awwww... thanks. You can come enjoy some of it in person for dinner if you like.