August 9, 2009

Food and Garden Update

The plants are growing like mad -- every weekend there's work to be done to catch up -- harvesting, pruning, spraying, weeding, pulling up old plants. Our butternut squash is taking over the fence:


We've had two more great harvests since the last one:


(Chrysanthemum greens, a gift plant from Cynthia, are a tasty addition to tomato salads).


(The lame-looking cucumber is just a little dirty on a white spot -- he tasted great. The troubled tiny squash, however, yeah, he went straight to the compost.)

And, from these harvests we've made many delicious meals -- BBQ pizzas are a regular treat (no dishes!), plus tomato salads galore.

Also, C introduced us to the awesomeness that is quark by showing up with lemon quark and garlic quark.

We took the leftovers and made a delicious garlic quark squash risotto:


And here are some sliced Romano Squash to be baked with red onions on top that were marinated in olive oil and herbs:


Eventually, they were joined with baked tomatoes and a mini pizza for each of us topped with harvested goodness:


Have I mentioned how much I love the summer garden?


Arvay said...

That looks delicious. Yay for another use for zucchini!

Biting Tongue said...

Thanks! It was delicious.

[Word Nerd Warning...]

In other news, I know, I know, Americans call green long squash Zucchini.

But, I can't.

When I hear Zucchini, I think of zucchine, the Italian word root that's been changed to be spelled differently, (which means little zucca, or little squash) and I get all protective of my large green long squash and don't want them to be called by the diminutive if they aren't actually tiny...

Regardless, this preparation was delicious and I highly recommend it -- 400F for 15 minutes, although next time I'd pull them from the oven 5 minutes earlier. They kept cooking after being pulled out and got a bit soggy.

Arvay said...

Yay for another use for phallic green Summer squash that likes to grow in multiples of six!

Biting Tongue said...

Ahhh... phallic fruit. One of god's great jokes.

Multiples of 6?

[perplexed face...]

Arvay said...

I get them in sixes. Three on one vine, three on the other. :)