October 27, 2009

That Poor Door-to-Door Salesman

Apparently, last Sunday, while I was off doing a long run with E2, E had to answer the door when a door-to-door carpet steam-cleaning salesman rang. I am told the exchange went something like this:

Salesman: Hi! Are your parents home?

E: Ummm... no. [Thinks: Wow. Great sales move.] This is my house.

Salesman: [Not to be deterred] Oh. Great. I see you have carpet [points to carpet], and I'm here to offer to steam clean your carpet. Is there a particularly dirty area where I can show you the benefits of our services?

E: Ahh yes, you see the carpet, but do you see that? [points to stack of hardwood boxes]. That's hardwood flooring that will be installed next week. So, we aren't too worried about how dirty the carpet is.

Salesman: ... Well, I could steam clean your couch...

E: I admire your persistence, but, as you can see, our couch is leather.

Salesman: ...

E: Have a nice day...

I know this was probably one of the worst sales calls this guy has ever done. But I just can't stop laughing at the hilarity of how it played out.


Arvay said...


You can probably enjoy the heck out of that carpet now. Dance around with filled-to-the-brim glasses of red wine. Blindfolded.

[No Nickname] said...

We certainly should have done that! Too bad it's too late, now. Pictures of the new floors to come soon!


JVS said...

Given the "are your parents home" question, I'd say E let the guy off pretty easy.