February 23, 2011

Snow is Better than Rain

So, after two full nights in our new (temporary) home in Bellevue, WA, I feel qualified to state that snow is much better than rain.

Snow bounces off of your jacket and you stay dry whereas rain does not bounce and makes you wet.

Snow is quieter than rain but it muffles outside sounds equally well (or perhaps even better?).

Snow is more picturesque than rain, especially when viewed against a streetlight.

Catching snowflakes on your tongue is much more fun than drinking rain.

E and I are very much enjoying our shared introduction to the snow culture as part of life (as opposed to only a ski vacation and freak weather situation). For example, we both now know that snow sticks to idle cars first, then dirt, then grass, then, if it's cold enough, cement/asphalt.

Also, we had a great dinner tonight at Seastar, but we won't be back for dinner. Oh, hell no, it's within walking distance -- next time, we're going to maximize the happy hour for all it's worth!


Arvay said...

And your snow is wet and packable. I insist that you build a snowman as soon as you can!

[No Nickname] said...

Sadly, it didn't stick the first night and while it did stick last night, I had to drive to SEA-TAC at 5 AM. I suspect it will be gone by the time I return home.