March 30, 2011

Christina Catzoela Is an Awesome Attorney

I had the privilege of meeting her in law school and becoming close friends with her when we worked together.

When she was a junior associate, she tried to help the customer of one of her law firm's clients.

She was rewarded with praise in a letter written by the customer.

Unfortunately, because the remainder of the letter was full of complaints, and it was posted to a complaints board, her name is now associated with a search result link whose title gives the opposite impression. If you read the letter, you will see that despite the author's negative opinions of the remainder of the treatment they received, they had nothing but good things to say about Ms. Catzoela.

This post serves two purposes: (1) to attempt to inject some additional explanation and positive mojo into Ms. Catzoela's Google juice. (2) to observe the effect, if any, a single blog post by me can have on a fairly low-volume search term in Google's results.

Update: Cool! Google apparently just slurps blogger posts straight into the index. Instant gratification!

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