May 13, 2011

My Next Long Run Will Be a Marathon

I switched up my training to add one more long run this week after I was unable to do the 20 miler last weekend. After reading about the Hansons' plan (which I may opt to do for my next marathon), I decided running on tired legs was a good thing. Especially if I had enough time to recover. And, of course, I was a little concerned about missing my last long run before the race.

So, today, the last predicted sunny day of our stay in Seattle, I decided to combine a friend's plan to run up Queen Anne with some additional mileage around Green Lake.

Wow. This was the hardest long run I'd done in a long time. It wasn't quite as bad as the training run from hell. But still -- starting with a warmup followed by a 1.6 mile climb up a large hill is a good way to tire yourself out long before the 16 miles are done. Oh, and when you do the 16 miles 5 days after the hilliest half marathon you've ever done (at marathon pace), you may not be totally recovered.

Plus, in my infinite wisdom, I had some wine while waiting for my delayed plane last night. I almost always choose to eat healthy and avoid alcohol the day before a long run. Today reminded me why.

Finally, I only brought 2 Gus. I really could have used 3 or 4. But, I was feeling like I could use some measures of caloric austerity after the wine last night. Note to self, skimp on the wine before the long run, not the Gus during...

Overall, I'm thrilled that I'm finally ready to taper. I'm tired. Literally. Lately, I fall asleep before the double digits on many nights a week. I've done more 40+ mile weeks in training for this marathon than ever before, and it is taking its tole on me, both physically and mentally.

Today, around mile 10, I experienced something I'd never experienced before. I just wanted to sleep on my run. I honestly considered whether I could fall asleep while running.

Thankfully, I pushed through, and now I'm on the downhill slope to the race. Nothing but 8 miles or less for 16 days (including some pure rest days!) and then I get to test my fitness against my old self.

Wish me luck!


Arvay said...

When I used to run marathons, I calculated how many power bars I ate per mile and deduced that it was more expensive to run per mile than it is to drive. So, all those folks who say to walk instead of drive to save money aren't really saving money.

Then I realized that my conclusion was incorrect because power bars and gus and other whacky marathon supplements are very expensive calories. You could probably come out ahead if you ate lots of beans and bacon! :~D

Okay that was only marginally relevant to this post... :)

bt said...

Arvay -- you are great!