August 12, 2013



Part of the explanation for the low mileage and lack of disciplined fitness commitment the last few months is how much work and how enjoyable it is to do gardening (and slow roasting, and sauce-canning, and gift-giving) when this is the weekend harvest:


Last week, I managed a lackluster 21.68 miles and it was clear that I needed to buckle down.  So, I drafted a training plan for SJ RNR. It required that I commit on a few levels.  I started with a difficult one for me, first thing -- Back to Bikram.

As scheduled on the plan, today, I sucked it up and returned to the Bikram hot room for the first time in almost 4 months.  On the drive in, I realized I was actually *scared*.  This studio is no joke, and they keep the room at a much hotter temperature than anywhere else I've ever practiced Bikram.

It was very interesting to recognize that I was scared but I was still going to do my best to execute on my plan -- I was going to walk in, buy a 10 class (3 month card), and I was going to do my best to stay in that damn hellish room for the full 90 minutes even if it felt like I was going to die.  (Let's be clear -- despite seriously considering an exit on multiple occasions during the class, I never actually felt anything like I was going to die, and if I did, I would have stood up and gotten the fuck out of there so quickly they wouldn't have known what happened. Sorry about the "do my best" hyperbole, but I had to engage in it to psych myself up for today's return to the hot room.  Forgive me.)  Also, I opted out of a ridiculous percentage of the poses, and, as per the Bikram thing -- I got hot enough to take off my shirt and I had to look straight into mirror and contemplate the current reality of my body in a sports bra and boy shorts while sweating and contorting.  Yup.  Bikram is hard-core on every axis.  I'm not sure if this is good or bad.  But it's true.

Somehow, while almost leaving at minute 44, I managed to stick it out for the remaining 46 and I left proud.  Exhausted.  Sweat-covered and ready to attack the rest of my day, which, frankly, seemed super easy after that madness.

Oh.  Right.  That's why I do this.

Also, in a magical coincidence, the rest of my day was super easy.  Thanks, clients! (Or Bikram-God.  Whatever.)


He continues to grow and he is super cute.  That is all.


If you know someone who regularly does canning, they probably have plenty of jars (and if they don't, new ones come with bands and lids), and they *definitely* have plenty of bands.

So, Public Service Announcement: LIDS ARE THE ONLY DISPOSABLE COMPONENT OF CANNING SUPPLIES! -- these are the gifts you should give your canning friends. (From me, with a cupboard full of bands and jars.  And a dearth of new lids in the midst of the canning madness that this Summer's prolific garden is causing...)

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