October 21, 2013

RNR Recovery and Amsterdam

I've been super lazy on the workout front ever since I bailed on the San Jose Rock 'n Roll Half.

How Lazy?  Well, let's just say I did Bikram the day after, and then didn't do a single workout until arriving in Amsterdam the AM of 10/12, whereupon I commenced my standard travel cross-training regimen of personal physical transit coupled with all the good local beer, wine, and food that my belly can handle.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city full of canals and bikes.  (Also, it is a direct flight from SFO and a good, fun weekend layover city if you're headed to Barcelona). 

It's such a bike-friendly city that our hotel had bikes for free use.  We took full advantage and it was awesome.  I did much walking, biking, and sight-seeing, but no running in Amsterdam.  So, despite several miles of non-running self-propelled transport, and some bikram, I completed my first run-free week in quite some time.  (Also, I was ridiculously relaxed.  I'm hoping these two facts are unrelated.)

Typical Intersection with bike and walk lights


One of too many canals to name

Gorgeous street night view. 

Night bike and canal view.

Royal Palace

One of many ridiculous red light district views.

Red light district part 2.

Transitioning out of the red light district...

A fashion alley to make @Arvay proud...


L.A. Runner said...

Love your pics! Looks like you had a fabulous trip!

Jen said...

Enjoy your no-run vacation!! It's good to take a break every once in a while - like a hard reset.

Arvay said...

Clearly the Dutch understand high fashion!

bt said...

@Arvay -- Seriously. I was perplexed and simultaneously pleased to see this juxtaposition. It was on an alley of nothing but high-end fashion brand boutiques...

Arvay said...

I heard that Carhartts are gang clothes on the East Coast somewhere (Philadelphia? Boston?). If they are high fashion in Amsterdam, then this is a third incarnation

Biting Tongue said...

@Arvay -- Huh. I suppose on the gang clothes angle, the think material and functional construction makes sense. Good in a knife fight, I'd guess.