November 10, 2015

Starting from (essentially) Scratch

Thanks to some poor toe management decisions coupled with tons of travel, work (and if I'm honest, general laziness) I've had the mellowest several weeks of fitness effort in years.

While I've generally averaged ~20 miles/week for the last decade or so, the last 5 weeks totaled 58 miles.  Less than 12 miles/week.  Most of it walking, often as a tourist (so stopping and gawking and not getting much in the way of cardio).

Yes, I've experimented with some alternative fitness options, but truly, fitness has been low on my priority list.  So, I'm looking forward to getting back to my regularly scheduled 20 miles per week, while cringing at how annoying it is to rebuild fitness when you've lost it.

You know what?  When you've been light on mileage, even after years of regular effort, it's actually hard to get moving again.

Last week, I totaled 11.46 miles, running 1 mile by myself and another 3 miler with E and doing the rest walking.  I was so sore after the 3 miler (and lazy with being at home after so much travel) that I scrapped my Sunday run and slept in before brunch with the inlaws.

Because, of course, E's parents visited, and there was much food and wine debauchery, which contributed to my laziness.

A beautiful day in San Francisco with E's parents.  Couldn't ask for better weather. 
After perfect weather in SF, we retreated home to a pub dinner on Saturday while watching college ball (Alabama won, so E's dad was happy. Cal lost, so I was sad).

Sunday, we shared a stereotypical "we are actually home" weekend treat of farmer's market, ramen, a lazy unplanned afternoon including a visit to the De Saisset Museum followed by winetasting at Pichetti and finally a light vegetarian dinner of farmer's market bounty with an oldie-but-goody from the wine cellar.

First Raid of the Wine Cellar.  
Monday, E's parents enjoyed the rainy day while we worked before we met up at a local steakhouse for our final meal together, complete with the second wine-cellar raid, a *delicious* 1999 Tignanello (the inlaws ordered the A. Rafanelli when it ran out, which was also awesome).

2nd Raid of the Wine Cellar. Plus Ice Cream Pie with Whipped Cream. Heaven.
And now, it's the middle of the week.  I've yet to run.  But I have plans for several easy "just get 'em done" miles this week and I've purchased a new 12 class card at the local yoga studio and signed up for a class on Friday.  I've also committed to a local trail run with friends in a few weeks, a 15K in January, and a half marathon in March.  I'm hoping I can fit in a few 7 minute workouts.  And, I'm even looking at the track and weekend run schedule for my local running group with an eye towards when I can get back in the habit.  So there's some momentum.  It's building.  So let's hope I can move back towards (and past) my 20 mile per week average sooner rather than later.

Happy running and fitness to all!


Jen said...

I can totally relate! It's crazy how fast one can lose fitness. It sounds like you've committed yourself to getting back on the horse though, which is a big step forward. Good luck!

Biting Tongue said...

Thanks, Jen!