October 1, 2017

SJRNR week -1

It's been a long time since I've actually trained for 9 weeks continuously.  Even if the training has been mild, it's felt good to consistently increase the effort and see gains in terms of pacing and ease of completing various distances.  The slow and steady mass decrease and speed increase is gratifying, if super, super miniscule on a weekly basis.

Spinach salad with Dijon dressing and potato, oyster mushroom emmentaler bake.

This week totaled 26.97 (mainly running, a little walking, not counting 8 miles of biking).

Slow roasted tomatoes -- another much-appreciated
tomato gift from a fellow local gardener.

I kept up with the general recommended training schedule and added in an hour of yoga with weighted balls on Friday in a heated room (still sore...).

Oktoberfest!  Corn-meal battered German sausage?  
Best corn-dog EVER!
Today's last long run before the race was 3.12 @ 10:46/mile; followed by a bathroom break and 2.08 @ 12:54 easy jog cooldown, then 1.14 walk to the start and then another mile or so downtown for Oktoberfest.

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