March 17, 2018

The Shoulder

This was my situation for over an hour and a half of awesome fire-first-responders,
paramedics/ambulance folks, nurses, etc, who couldn't put it back in, and it hurt.
 I have a bunch of things to process so I can plan the rest of our year vis-├á-vis life/professional obligations/medical care, but after some basic research, it appears there are 3 main approaches to my situation (what they call an "unstable shoulder" post previous surgery):

1. Aggressive physical therapy, because you probably weren't maintaining the level of physical stability pre-injury that you could have been, if you'd been doing the exercises you'd been told you'd need to do for the rest of your life (true, I had not been doing those things) -- not sure I trust that I can get strong enough not to dislocate just from falling while tripping and running, but, maybe... my doc said it looked like a bad fall from the other bruising and scrapes and thought that perhaps I would have fractured a wrist if I hadn't dislocated, so maybe this is more of an option than I think...

2. Surgical intervention, because we told you that it was necessary 10 years after your last surgery and why the hell didn't you listen to us instead of keeping on dislocating your shoulder for another decade, just go ahead and schedule it?

3. #1, followed by or consecutive with at least 2 opinions from well regarded surgeons, which is likely to take 3-6 months just to get on their calendars...

This relocation was slow, controlled by me, and resulted in immediate pain reduction. 
I'm sending a fruit arrangement thankyou to the ER this week to show my appreciation.
I'm probably going to go with #3.  Which means this year is now spoken for.  Any and all running is now purely bonus points.  But I already registered for the Peach Tree Road Race post-injury. I'm optimistic.


Jen said...

Good luck with the surgery and recovery. I am here for any non-shoulder-required activities­čśŐ

Biting Tongue said...

Thanks, Jen. Much appreciated.