April 16, 2018

Sneaking Back Into a Running Regime (and an ode to Des)

I spent my morning watching the Boston Marathon, clapping, cheering, and crying from the time Des started pulling up into second until she crossed the finish line.

Pulling into second place.

Leading in first.  And her lead just kept growing for the rest of the race.
So inspiring.  I've been a huge Des fan ever since 2011.  In fact, I've returned to this picture many times:
This is from the 2011 race where she followed her own race plan and almost
won, taking 2nd by 2 seconds.
I adore what this picture symbolizes.  Follow your own plan.  Even if it means you're trailing the leaders all alone.  Not just relevant to running.

My shoulder is stabilizing (L loaned me her 2 lb and 5 lb hand weights so I don't have to do my PT with canned food or books for weights -- thanks, L!)

It wasn't sexy, but I finally worked my way back to more than 20 miles for the week.

M: 3 easy @ 12:19; 0.37 walk; shoulder weights.

T: 1 w/u @ 12:01; 15X 1min medium/1 min walk; total distance 4.49

W: 1 @ 12; 1 walk; shoulder weights; pushups, dips, etc.

Th: Shoulder weights, stabilization.

F: 6 @ 12:14; 0.21 walk

Sa: 3 @ 11:13; 0.27 walk

Su: 2X(800; 200 jog; 200); 800; 2X100 -- 800s sub 9/mile; 100s mid 7s.  Shoulder weights; core.

And there you have it.  Something to build from on the physical side and a HUGE emotional and spiritual high to take out on my feet from Des's win.

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