June 20, 2003

Summer Madness

This week was a whirlwind of client site disclosure meetings, training, training rescheduled, firm and non-firm social events, the office action I still haven't finished, more preliminary invalidity contention charts, and not enough sleep. I have no plans for tonight but a vague idea of a stop at the gym and some food. And off to bed early.

The rest of the weekend is a tsunami of firm and non-firm social commitments including 2 barbeques, which will total 3 in 4 days. The only weekends before school without travel or multiple major social commitments are July 12th and July 26th. That's it. Every other weekend is guaranted to be fun and fatiguing to the point of exhaustion. This happens every summer. I love summer fun so much that I forget to say no, even when I should.

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