June 29, 2003


So, my friday with no plans morphed into a long drive to go hang out in my home town with my family. I had a home town family party where my attendance was required on Saturday (and, by extension, E had to go as well). Originally, E and I had planned to drive on Saturday AM, go to the party, stay the night and drive back on Sunday. But, on Friday night, better sense prevailed (thanks in no small part to my sister-in-law) and we realized that driving at night was much preferable given the 100+ degree weather. So, my friday of no plans became friday of packing, driving, and orchestrating details. Cold beer and cool night temperatures greated our arrival and confirmed our good decision.

The family party was fun, but hot. My father was happy because first of all, he loves a good party, and second of all of his children and his grand-child made all of the necessary appearances and gestures. We shook hands, hugged, and repeated the easily understood details of our lives, "I'll be going to law school in the fall." Having a niece to run interference at the event was a strategic coup. Much less was required of us children than used to be. Bless my brother and his fertile sperm.

After the party, we waited out the heat and drove home. So, now it's Sunday and I can finally relax like I had planned to do on Friday.

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