October 6, 2003


Yup. I still hate LWR. Every minute of it. Today, I boiled at the lecture/reminder that any one absence without a hospital discharge or any missed assignment could equal 10 percent of our grade. What? When the instructor himself has had the TAs teach two of the classes, has rescheduled two classes to his office, and hasn't given us any feedback on a single piece of work. Mind you, it's the 7th week of a 15-week semester. He's batting less than 500 on teaching the lectures in their scheduled locations, and he's got a big fat goose egg of a percentage on actually grading or providing feedback for any of our assigned work product. Oh, and the lectures cover material that should be obvious to anyone who's taken more than 2 semesters of AP or college level English writing. So, yeah. I hate it--I don't deal well with inefficiency and waste, particularly when it's my time being wasted.

Today, I decided to channel my negative LWR energy to a good cause. First, I bought a bottle of Kettle One to add to the secret bar that some of my section mates and I are keeping in an abandoned locker. Second, I tried to meditate and count my breaths while being lectured in LWR. Guess what? I don't have that much Zen.

So, I settled for haiku, pulling words from the lecture and my thoughts:

He went to the bar
before class, were i did too
omit needless words

don't konw what to say
one idea paragraph
Strunk and White for you

blue sky fog approach
first sentence only matters
unhappy work--bad

cheating words added
poem, one good paragraph
one dish at a time

windows receding
architectural puzzle
stuck in my chair here

word coitus preferred
Tarzan verbs for each Jane noun
vary the music

edit the story
great narrative tradition
lawyers tell big ones

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