October 18, 2003

Weekend, It's the Weekend...

Man, I love the weekend. We had four friends over for dinner last night: lots of laughs, eggplant parmagiano, several bottles of red wine, and Marie Calendar's pies. What more could I want?

I've got 2 LWR assignments, quite a bit of reading, outlining I should but probably won't do, and chores and working out that I probably will do. One of the chores, as I mentioned, is to go to Frys and leave with only a new cpu fan and a case fan. I can only hope that the recent addition of Simpson's Hit and Run to the household will keep the technology urges in check. I suppose we'll see. (Simpons Hit and Run rocks, by the way.)

As for school, it's slightly geared up, but still in an acceptably chill state. A 2L friend of mine tried to gently curb my enthusiasm the other day, "the last 4 weeks are going to be hell, just accept it." The 3L who heads the fundraising committee for the pro bono student group I joined had this to say while trying to schedule the event:

Well, we can't have it after Thanksgiving. A horrible exam-death descends on the campus after Thanksgiving and it's a terrible place. No one will be interested in attending a social event, even if it's for a good cause.

Rad...I can't wait.

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