January 23, 2004

Lost and Found

I'm VERY absent-minded. As in phone in the freezer, milk in the cupboard, "oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to steal your pen," where-are-my-glasses-oh-right-my-face absent minded.

So, it was no surprise to E when I realized last night that I had lost a small purchase that I made. Wednesday, I went to one of the boutique stores near the art movie house and bought myself a small trinket that I had been eyeing. I managed to keep the bag with the logo of the boutique through the movie and get it back to school. But then, I lost it. Somewhere.

Not only that, but I didn't even realize I had lost it until last night, more than 24 hours after leaving it somewhere on campus.

When you're me, you write off stupid stuff like this all the time. When it's gone, as a general rule, it's just gone. But, much to my surprise, someone turned it in to campus security and I actually got it back today.

I have the most positive feelings towards my fellow students right now. They really aren't bastards, despite how I may feel on a bad day or portray them in failed comedic attempts. They're nice and good and wonderful. So is friday.

In fact, in celebration of the weekend and the beginning of the semester, I'm spending tonight making food and feeding friends. The menu includes a spinach salad, french onion soup, baked asparagus and a chocolate soufflee (assuming all goes well...). Which reminds me, I need to get a run in before I start cooking...

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