January 31, 2004

Where did the time go?

This semester is more busy than last at this time. I think it's the fault of moot court. There's also more reading than back when they figured we didn't know how to do it. There's also all the cooking I've been doing because I know that there will be no cooking come finals prep time. Under the same logic, I've got a very active social life right now that I'm trying to squeeze in every spare moment. And, of course, I'm suffering from the early semester work-out ambition (a minimum of 4 workouts a week is the goal for the semester...we'll see how that goes).

Add basic house chores, bills, planning the spring break getaway, and I'm slacking in the cyberworld. All the cool kids are either on or moving to Movable Type. Check out Ambulance Chaser's new digs. But, me, I'm just not finding the time. I barely found time to post last week, and I'm way behind on my favorite blog and news site reading.

If you're not behind, and want a good read, I recommend checking out Business2.com's 101 Dumbest Moments in Business.

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