October 27, 2004

I could have been huge

The discovery of little people who preceded us is easily the coolest scientific breakthrough in a long time. For every person you meet who's fired up about next Tuesday (the scariest day of the year), think of me, even more fired up about evolution and biological pressures and humans who have complex neurological processes in smaller brains than we thought possible. We don't know ANYTHING. And it's wonderful.

In other news, the job search is finally done. I accepted offers with two firms and will be splitting my summer between them. The entire process of OCI, interviewing, getting offers, and negotiating a split (which in silicon valley is much less accepted than other legal markets) was exhausting. I'm thrilled to know what I'll be doing and look forward to working with the people I've met. Add the finished Ap Ad brief and I'm on my way to returning to normal (not miniature) humanhood.

It's a good day. In fact, it's Wednesday, and E and I took date night to a local mainstay of mexican food. One margarita, 2 enchiladas, chips, salsa, rice, and lard-riffic refried beans and I'm done for the night.

Off to sleep.

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