October 6, 2004


Yesterday, I spent 14 hours at school, which was typical for my current life, unfortunately. Add 2 hours for the commute and 8 hours for sleep, and well... you've got my day. Ri-di-cu-lous. But, I made my bed, here I lie. Also, in fairness, I spent 90 minutes of the 14 hours in yoga class and 30 minutes getting to-and-fro the yoga, hence my sanity.

Today, I commuted 2 hours to attend 1 hour of school. I also went to a 4.5 hour call back, which did not include a meal. I'm exhausted, but thankful for the opportunity to simultaneously interview with multiple firms and get a feel for the industry in my geographic region--never before in my professional life have I had this opportunity. It's amazing and not to be taken for granted. Of course, in order to enjoy this, I'm 350 pages behind in my reading. Rad...

For whatever reason, however, I've managed to stay on top of evidence. My other courses... what other courses? Seriously. I'll be supremely glad when moot court is over and I can slowly crawl out of the hole I've dug for myself these past few weeks.

Wednesday Night Restaurant Review

Tonight, instead of attacking some of those 350 pages of reading (and the cite-check, appellate advocacy brief revision, and re-vamp of the moot argument) I haven't done, E & I kept the wednesday date night tradition alive and returned to Vaso Azzuro, which has one of my favorite local wine lists, and one of the more reasonably priced quality Italian menus around. As expected, they did not disappoint.

E and I sat outside and enjoyed the benefits of San Francisco Bay Area October weather while listening to the sounds of the Caltrain and traffic. E ordered tomato-basil soup followed by pasta alla diavola. Perfetto! I had the house salad and pollo saltimbocca, which was everything I wanted it to be: cheesy, slightly salty, prosciutto-heavy, and sinful. For the second time, we enjoyed a bottle of fleur de carneros and it was just as wonderful as we recalled. Again, I beseech you, if you get a chance, try this fabulously under-valued wine! Oh, how I adore reasonably priced wine lists that accompany quality food preparations.

Vaso Azzuro is in hard core contention for my favorite local restaurant. Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that my current life makes me the perfect sucker for a good multi-course European meal with wine. I'm actually relaxed right now... 350 pages? Whatever...I'm going to bed. Buona Notte!

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