January 21, 2005

He's not my senator

In the spirit of free speech that I've witnessed near my chambers this week, I'd just like to say that Senator Reid is not my senator.

The Sierra Club just showed up at the door. We thought it was the pizza man since we'd ordered a finals pizza (you can save your order in the servlet and just click "order," it's exactly like finals except I'm lazy, not stressed, have no homework, and it's just the best Friday ever to eat pizza, drink wine and watch Kill Bill vol. 1 on the couch together). E answered the door and immediately screamed, "hey, do you care about the sierra club?" and of course, I do.

So, I invited the poor freezing girl from Santa Cruz in to sit on the couch while I wrote my check. E sulked off to the office and hid. I'm now a proud member of the Sierra Club. But, turns out they aren't a 501(c)3, which surprised me. Why the hell wouldn't they be? They do accomplish more good in this arena than any other organization, and I'd MUCH rather support them than the militant trust-fund baby infiltrated Greenpeace (okay, so the trust-fund baby comment stems from a bad outside-of-greenpeace experience with one of their employees, perhaps the rest of 'em aren't so radical and irrational, I kind of doubt it though).

She explained that they were signing up new members, and I agreed. I wrote a (non tax deductible) check for $60 and signed up. In return, I get a magazine once every two months and I know that I support an organization that accomplishes some good stuff (when they aren't getting snowed by swarmy outsiders).

After I wrote the check, she told me it was her first night volunteering, I was her first sign-up, and if I wanted to help some more, I could sign one of her postcards for Senator Reid, to express my disdain for oil drilling in the Arctic.

"Who's Senator Reid?" I asked.

"Actually, I don't know." She said. "It's my first night, I need to do more research on that, and, uh, like you said, on why they choose not to be a non-profit organization."

"Huh," I grunted, annoyed. "Because, Senator Reid, he's not my Senator. He won't care in the least bit if he gets a post card from me. That little portion there, where you fill in your address, yeah, it's going to say California and he is going to ignore it."

"Well, obviously, you don't have to sign the postcard if you don't want. Signing up for membership is more than enough."

Oh. Good.

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