January 24, 2005

An Open Letter

Dear Professors from last semester,

I do my best to live a life of moderation despite a personality that edges towards the extremes.

I heard that you all got together at Professor Fed Court's house and partied in the new year like rock stars. Good for you. I'm over that period of my life, but I understand the desire to experiment, particularly if you're the kind of person who missed out and made sacrifices because you felt that you could impress Sandy, Bill, and/or Ruth with your straight-edge diligence (but not Clarence, we all know how he rolls).

I only write to inform you that your collective new years resolution to go on grading strike and really test that grant of tenure has side effects. On my mental and physical health. I am developing Repetitive-Stress-Injuries from logging on to the school web-site and attempting to load my grades. I am going blind from the glaring white of the empty grid where my grades should be. I am losing my ability to keep life in perspective because despite the taboo about ever mentioning grades, it is evident that my peers have seen the feared and hoped for letters, visited their therapists, achieved closure, and moved on to the stress of the current semester. I feel cheated.

I just thought you might want to know.

Class of 2006

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