March 9, 2005

New Stuff To Read

The Manolo, he really is the super fantastic. Fashion is nowhere near the top of my hobby list. But, I, like the majority of people, do feel good when I look good. The manolo, he knows much about the fashion, but dispenses the knowledge in a manner which is practical and not super-annoying. In fact, it's down right funny...

Now, the Manolo he realizes that the poncho it is the evil incarnate.

It is the loathsome seducer of the womens. It calls in the sweet voice, "I am the poncho, if you wear me I will help you conceal your flaws. I promise, your hips, they will disappear under my protective cover of man-made fibers. Look, darling, you can even make me yourself for $1.49 in the material. Choose the aqua yarn. It is pretty no?"


Manolo says, it is not ironic that this is the man from whom thousands take their advice of the fashion? [go here for the accompanying picture]

Yes, the Carson, he is the sweet, funny man, but he has the fashion sense of the Slim Whitman.

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