January 17, 2006

Big Boy Bed

For Christmas, E's parents got us a real bed. Box spring and everything. I think E and I may have been the only ones who weren't appalled that we still slept on a futon.

We'd talked about getting a real bed and agreed that it should happen, but we could never find a free weekend to go mattress shopping. So, we continued to sleep on the futon. E's mother, however, is an excellent shopper and did all of the research to pick out a wonderful bed for us. It arrived yesterday and the delivery men set it up in 5 minutes flat.

Last night was the first night we slept on the new bed. I slept just as well as I normally do. Except, of course, I now have a vague fear that I'm going to roll off the bed and fall to the ground. With the frame, box spring, mattress, box spring cover, mattress cover, and mattress pad, the bed is almost as tall as me. The futon was 1 or 1.5 feet from the ground. Sometimes, growing up is hard to do...

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Nancy said...

I’m wondering if I can use my mattress without a box spring?