January 19, 2006

Slow Start

Today marks the end of my second week of classes. After today, there's only 13 more Thursdays of class before law school is done. I'm in 15 units this semester, which means quite a bit of work.

So far, I:

1. have attended every class (but grumbled along the way)

2. own 3 of the 43 required/suggested books (the bookstore is doing its best to help me in my read when it's convenient for me plan)

3. bought the local copyshop's version of the outline for my corporations class instead of the book

4. ordered a few more books from amazon and barnes and noble, which may or may not arrive next week.

5. have read 0 pages despite a cumulative assigned and covered reading total of around 400 pages for all of my classes.

Only 13 weeks to go? If I keep up this pace, it's going to be a piece of cake!

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