February 15, 2006

Blogger sucks these days & I'm overwhelmed

Every time in the last few days I try to post, blogger is down.

Anecdotally, I've heard that Google has trouble keeping engineers employed on the blogger project... looks like the stories may be true with the amount of downtime and gross error messages I've been getting.

In other news, there are 22 days 'til the wedding, and I've got a million marriage things to do, finals to schedule, graduation stuff to figure out, my dad, and a little thing called law school.

No wonder I had insomnia at 3 AM this morning. I'm sure the inability to sleep had nothing to do with my fear of returning to the horrid dream from which I woke where I was alone in a room, because everyone else had already finished, but I was racing to finish a hand-written law school exam. The exam was a cream-colored form that looked like the moral character application and the wedding license application combined and for every page I finished two more would magically appear attached to the bottom of the pile.

Now. To clear a few items off the old checklist and hope for better sleep tonight...

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