February 11, 2006

The Restaurant Dream

I suffer from too much ambition. I am never bored. I want to do more things than my life will allow. One of those things I think I'd like to try, much like owning and working in my own hair salon, is owning a restaurant and working as the chef.

But, secretly, I feared that the magic of cooking would disappear when the portions became too big. I told myself that what I loved about cooking -- the fact that each time is subtly different creativity (because the ingredients are always in different stages of freshness, amounts, etc.), the fact that cooking is so primordially sense oriented (smell, taste, touch, feel), the fact that cooking is intuitively a combination of every time you've ever cooked before -- I told myself that those things would always be there, regardless of whether the cooking was for money or vanity.

Tonight, I did it for responsibility. My sister is living with my father and doing the majority of the hard-core legwork to take care of my dad. But I'm here on the weekends and he needs meals that are heavy in protein. Today, I decided one thing I could do to help would be to prepare meals that fit into his prescribed diet so my sister or father could just toss 'em in the oven and enjoy.

I made two pots worth of bolognese. I made 5 pans full of lasagna.

The repetitive nature of the large lot cooking didn't affect me negatively. It was still enjoyable. In fact, one of the odd things about cooking for me, the meditative aspect, was magnified by making multiple meals in one preparation.

Perhaps that restaurant dream should get moved up on the priority list...It seems like I'd really enjoy it.

P.S. about law school. Yeah, I'm on it... I took out my community property book last night and read at least 6 pages because I couldn't sleep (but then, I could.) Seriously, though. I'm slowly crawling out of my hole. I was caught up in Con law as of Thursday AM, but by Thursday PM that fleeting glory had passed. I'm still behind in all of my classes, but less so than two weeks ago. I hope to be caught up by the end of next week (as long as no cooking opportunities arise to distract me.)

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