March 5, 2006

Day of Celebration

9 cases of wine for the wedding picked up from the hometown local winery. One bottle opened and tasted -- delicious relief that we won't be serving swill.

Avoiding the Tahoe traffic from my hometown by going through wine country -- fabulous.

Spending the day with E talking and thinking about how everything we did was probably the last time we were going to be doing that thing as a non-married couple -- surreal.

Arriving home to find the Corporations Gilbert's that I ordered to save me from the fall-out of the bottom of the priority list -- a relief.

Learning that my dad had a wonderful response to his first round of chemo and is much better than he was a month ago -- words fail me.

Hearing the oncologist tell us that my dad will probably be out of the hospital in time to attend the wedding in person -- emotional beyond words.

It's raining. According to it's probably going to rain on our wedding day. But a year ago E refused to let us select a venue without a gorgeous indoor facility. Smart guy, that E. Sure, there are only 6 days 'til the wedding and a billion things to do. But it's all falling into place, one piece at a time. I'm excited and happier than I could imagine.

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