March 19, 2006

Hola Senora E!

Well, it's a done deal. E and I are hitched. Additionally, everything was a fairy tale, from my father who was able to walk me down the aisle without a walker or wheelchair, to my niece, who at 4 years old insisted on giving her own toast (and the DJ let her), to our families & friends who all appeared to be enjoying themselves immensely at every turn, to the food, the service, the building, and even the weather. Despite's predictions, even the weather cleared up to provide a beautiful blue sky day for our wedding. I can easily say that struggles were absolutely worth it. Trite, but true, my wedding day was the happiest and most fun day of my life. When the entire wedding weekend and honeymoon are combined, I can't even believe how wonderful the last week of my life has been (and how quickly it is now over).

At some point after the ceremony (during family photographs) my matron of honor, D, signed the marriage license as the one required witness, and that was that. E and I were officially husband and wife as of the pronouncement during the ceremony. I actually thought E and I had to sign the marriage license as well so I didn't realize that I was truly married 'til 11 PM when I asked when E & I were going to sign and formalize the whole thing. Apparently, after getting the marriage license, the only required formalities are a witness to the oral oaths and the verification from the officiant that the oaths had been administered correctly.

R immediately signed her name in the place of the "officiant" after the ceremony. One of my closest friends since middle school, E & I asked her to become ordained through the Universal Life Church in order to marry us. She did so, and she did an excellent job performing the ceremony. In fact, other than the food and location, we received more compliments on the officiant and the ceremony than anything else. After how well it worked out, I can't imagine having us joined by any other person. I am so thankful that she was willing to take on that task.

So, after making promises and kissing, R introduced us to the crowd as Mr. & Mrs. E, whereupon we attended and enjoyed the greatest party of my life (how could it not be with all of the close friends and family selected by you?). A day or two later we arrived in Zihuatanejo for some much needed R&R on our luna de miel. We did nothing other than sleep (in the bed, on our private sun terrace, on the sun deck, under the umbrellas at the poolside bar), eat delicious food, walk in the sun, swim, lay in the shade, lay in the sun, drink beers and margaritas, enjoy some of the most impeccable service I've ever received at a hotel, and, of course, enjoy each other without any distractions from friends, family, or outside life. Everywhere we went, I was greated with, "Hola Senora E! Como Esta? Todo Bien?" Each time, I grinned and answered, "Si. Completamente bien."

And each day, I became more and more comfortable that I was Senora E. Just 2 months prior I'd been in Mexico as Senorita BT. It had been at least the 4th or 5th time in my life to be referred to in Spanish as Senorita BT and I had learned to accept it as my name when in a Spanish speaking country. (You see, there's no Ms. in Spanish...)

Imagine my surprise when I arrived this time to find I had an entirely new name. Senora E! That's me. For some reason, it was the missing formality I needed. I never signed the certificate, which I thought I had to do. So, thank goodness for the sexist nature of the Spanish language and Mexico's insistence on referring to me by both "Senora" and E's name. After 5 days of hearing it, I finally believed it was true.

And, now, my friends, Senora E has some serious catching up in the real world to do. School and basic life responsibilities like cleaning were on pause 'til after the wedding. Now, despite what I may wish, the honeymoon *is* over. I have no excuse and very little time left 'til I'm no longer a law student (assuming all goes well...).

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