October 15, 2006

The Other Side

I'm a list-maker. A balancer of pros and cons. A calculater. A scheduler. A contingency planner.

So, I was quite surprised when my gut felt the need to jump up and take action that affected my life without my calculated decision.

Since then, I followed through. I took the action my gut knew was best even before I'd done all the sorting and math. Eventually, I am certain that I will be happy with this choice. But right now, I'm just relieved.

My gut knew something that the part of me I'd learned to trust and depend upon didn't. It was a very weird experience and, to be honest, one that really has made me reconsider my life. I'm in a serious state of re-evaluation right now.

How many other things have I been ignoring that could be offering me useful wisdom? Only time will tell.

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