June 4, 2007


You know it's a good weekend when you wake up on Monday with:

-2 holes in the palm of your left hand
-2 deep scratches in your right elbow
-1 bruise on your stomach

On Saturday, I ran 10.4 miles with E2 on trails in nature. Trails in nature have bugs, dips, and rocks. A bug may be able to get behind your sunglasses and fly around in that small space just before you need to navigate a dip in the trail followed by rocks. Might I suggest stopping running to deal with this issue?

That would explain the hand.

On Sunday, E and I rode our bikes to the nearest mall to have lunch with bear, an old friend (ostensibly we were going to shop as well, but we left after the first shop and vowed to buy all purchases online). Upon arrival at the intersection before the mall, E called bear. He handed the phone to me, the light turned green. I was hungry and wanted to get to the restaurant as soon as possible. So, I tried to ride across the intersection from a stop while talking on the phone.

I did not negotiate the curb on the other side so well. Hence the elbow and the stomach.

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