August 22, 2007


Probably the hardest thing about being a lawyer for me right now is the lack of time and the choices that it forces.

I just don't have enough time to get all of my work done, sleep, eat well, train for my races, be a good wife, and have a reasonable social life.

I'm constantly juggling.

Yesterday morning I opted for more sleep instead of my run. After work, I opted to babble on the phone with R and go for a walk instead of doing the run I should have done in the morning. Then I opted to go to dinner with E and then do relaxing stuff instead of work before bed.

This morning, I couldn't get out of bed for my run. I have a stomach bug. So after hitting snooze for an hour, I opted to stay home, drink some soda and work from home 'til I feel better.

I'm starting to feel better, so I'll be back on the treadmill soon. But, man, if things could slow down just a wee bit, I would not complain.

I can not WAIT for labor day vacation.

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