August 17, 2008

My Food Life Through the Lens

Here are some of the cookies I used to make the crust in the Dingo Dave inspired peanut-butter-cheesecake-on-a-chocolate-chip-cookie-crust:


Unlike Dingo Dave, whose crust appears to be crummy, mine turned out more brownie-like in texture. I think it is because I used fresh-baked cookies from the grocery store deli, I pureed a wee bit too much, and once that was done, I figured I might as well skip the butter (no need to use it to hold the stuff together) and only used a touch of half-and-half.


The final result (plus the cheese, fruit & wine we had before it) can be seen over at 2 minutes for roughing.

In garden news, all of our tomato plants seem to be producing fruit and most have new foliage after we trimmed and treated them for the fungus (but they do look sparse). The weekly harvest for the last several weeks has looked like this:


The cucumber plan has been a consistent producer for quite some time. We've had 1-3 large, long cucumbers per week, which means at least once, if not twice a week, we end up with a summer dinner or lunch from our garden that is one of my favorite meals, and looks roughly like this:


Unfortunately, the cucumber plant now looks like it has one last cuke to go -- it has stopped flowering and appears to have gotten some sort of dry white powdery fungus on the leaves, but we're hoping that if we treat it and cut it back today it may come back for a resurgence.

The squash went into a miniature fruit production phase and is covered with aphids, so we'll try to spray it with soapy water to see if it that will help it to produce some bigger fruit.

The okra produced enough fruit that I was able to make fried okra last week (which made E say, this is why I married you) and each plant is still kicking out 1-2 fruits a week.

And, of course, the herbs, in true form, are wonderfully consistent and the source of much happiness.

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