August 4, 2008

Quotes from the weekend

The leaders are on their way back across the golden gate bridge

-The announcer, before they started our wave of runners at the San Francisco Marathon.

That was the easiest half marathon I've ever done in my life

-E2, impressively strong and disciplined at the halfway point on her first marathon

I'm TOTALLY IN SHAPE!!!! I can't believe I just ran 23 miles!!!

-A girl E2 and I passed at mile 23, she sounded very surprised at herself and very proud as she screamed and laughed with her friend.

Yes, this is easier than the long training runs, but I don't have much left in me

-E2, at mile 24 or so, immediately before she picked up the pace to force me to run the two fastest finishing miles I've ever run at a marathon.

This is *awesome*. I could live here, just like I could live at Costco.

-A kid, looking down on the atrium of the San Francisco Hyatt Regency from the glass elevators as we rode up them to our hotel room for a post-race shower.

I don't even go to the halfs anymore

-E, at lunch with E2's parents and J. When we discussed that this was my 4th marathon and I've got a 5th planned for December. I don't really remember when I decided to become a *marathon* runner. But I guess it happened.


Viva said...

congrats! are you running CIM again?

[No Nickname] said...

If the body holds up, CIM is the plan. Got a few great fall runs in between as well. I'm excited.

[No Nickname] said...

elmer is me.


Viva said...

excellent... I've been thinking of squeezing one more race in -- would love to do CIM, but not sure I have it in me to buckle down right now and put in the time.