December 27, 2008

Roll on You Bears

Yet another advantage of the slow economy and my lack of work this holiday season: I got to watch the Cal Bowl Game. For the first several quarters, we looked to each other and asked, "who is Emerald?" "What is Emerald?" but then, finally, a commercial explained they were the nuts company. And, well, since my papa subscribed to California Nut and Bean Grower back in the day, it felt like it was my ball game -- in my old town, SF, with my team playing, sponsored by an industry that my family was built upon. I felt very attached to this game.

So, after we enjoyed our delicious steak dinner with the family, paired with one of my new favorite wines, we headed home to enjoy the rest of the game.

The Bears did not disappoint. Both Miami and Berkeley treated us to some great football from some young teams (making young mistakes on both sides, but a ton of heart, which you just can't dispute).

It was a good contest to the end. I was happy to see Nate Longshore go out on a good note. I was more happy to see the young ones like Jahvid Best and Anthony Miller kicking butt.

Plus, we won the bowl game, which is always nice.

Next year should be a fun year to be a Cal football fan.


Anonymous said...

I went to game and Twittered it... (Starts here and ends here; unfortunately no way to scroll through them... stupid twitter.) Mostly color commentary. (E.g., did you know the Emerald Bowl had it's own mascots? An anthropomorphic walnut and a can of nuts.)

Anonymous said...

Comedy! I did not know about the mascots.


The Enforcer said...

Wish I could have seen the game, but I was stuck in the Wisconsin wilderness with no TV and no internet. It hurt. Glad to see that Cal's bowl winning streak continues. I <3 Javhid Best when he's having a good day.