January 28, 2009

I guess I'm a morning person

2 and 1/4 years of being a lawyer and I've finally started to figure out my work style.

During the day, I fight fires, chase partners, and take calls. I used to try to get substantive drafting done, but more often than not, I'd fail. I've evolved to fitting smaller bite-sized tasks into the day where they fit, but it's a rare day when I can actually turn a document larger than 10 pages between 9 AM and 7 PM.

If I can't finish everything I've allocated to the day, I like to do diligence and easy turns of documents (edits of 2-3 sentences) after dinner.

And, if I've got a huge complex document drafting and/or editing task, I'll put it off as long as possible under the delusion that it'll fit during the day or after dinner. Eventually, though, the deadlines will loom heavy and gray, and I'll finally buckle down to finish the huge task -- in the early AM.

I'm fresh and there are no clients bothering me (most start-ups don't really start to function 'til 9 AM at the earliest).

I just got up to grab my second diet coke this AM and realized that I'm having fun making my way through the current 34-page monstrosity. I very much enjoy the mental game of drafting complex documents without interruptions -- and, I like doing it in the morning.

This switch is a big change from when I was a night-owl. If push comes to shove and I'm really worried about a deadline, I'll work late into the night. But that's only because I'm worried there may not be enough time to finish it at all. If I know it's doable, I'd rather get up at 5, or even earlier and finish it before work.

I guess this fits with my evolution to someone who likes to fit in yoga or running in the early mornings as well.

Apparently, I'm at my best early in the AM. I wonder when that happened.

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