March 30, 2009

You see what happens?

Baby Tomatoes, if cared for, will grow into adolescent tomatoes.

Saturday, a tomato-lovin' friend came over (thanks J!) and we potted up our 219 tomatoes of 34 varieties (including 2 husk tomatoes).

It's a fairly time intensive task, but I find it very relaxing.

First, you separate the plants from each other (because their roots have grown together as they've outgrown the tiny cell where they were planted):


Then, you dig a small hole in the cup of dirt, add a tiny bit of tomato plant food, drop the roots into the hole and add potting soil to fill up the rest of the cup. If possible, it's best to bury the stem with dirt up past the seed leaves, and if you want, you can even remove them if the plant has enough true leaves.

At the end of the day, we had a front yard full of plants:


Anyone need a tomato seedling or 10?


A said...

they're so cute! you must be very proud. :)

Biting Tongue said...

I am, A. Although, I must say it is a bit traumatic that some of the transplants were probably not ready to go and didn't fare so well. Others have just responded poorly to the whole thing. Overall, I'm happy the survivors have better diggs, but I am sad for the losses.

Viva said...

awww - they really are like your children. I am sorry not all have made it, but hopefully their sacrifices are not in vain.