March 7, 2009

Planning the Tomato Madness

Today, we had several big garden milestones.

First, day 13 after potting, we finally got one sprout of Aunt Molly's Husk, the last of the 35 varieties to sprout. Somehow, we managed to germinate at least one seedling of every variety we tried to grow (keeping the seedlings alive, of course, is another matter, but still).

Technically, Aunt Molly's Husk is a husk tomato or ground cherry (like a tomatillo, which we are also growing), so it's not a true tomato, but once we were growing 33 varieties of tomatoes, given that the cheery tomato seeds I ordered over the internet came with tomatillo seeds and Aunt Molly's Husk seeds, well... who are we to resist? Salsa verde, here we come!

Second, the tomato seedlings were allowed outside for their first exposure to the real world today. It was only 2 hours, but they seemed to like it and rewarded us with 8 new sprouts between last night and tonight.


Third, at tonight's 13-day post seed-potting count, we are at 199/257 seedlings sprouted, for a germination rate of 77.43%.

Fourth, and finally, we got the busted concrete debris removed, cleaned up a bit of the winter garden, purchased some redwood bark for the walkways between the garden, and started the final transition to this year's garden madness, aka The First Summer of Tomato Madness.


And yes, in case you were wondering, that is a very dead Christmas wreath hanging to the right of our front door. Perhaps we'll take it down tomorrow...


Arvay said...

Hmmm I might start some indoor seedling sprouting. Then when the ground thaws in two months, I will put them outside. Then I will cross my fingers that they don't get eaten my a moose! :)

Biting Tongue said...

You should! Pictures of meese in your garden would be worth it.