March 30, 2009

If you need a tear-jerker

And you are the like me, the un-abashed-movie-crying-type.

Then, speaking from tonight's embarrassed that I cried because it was so corny (it had JACK BLACK & CAMERON DIAZ!!!) experience, you would probably do well to watch

The Holiday.

In my defense, while it is corny, and predictable, and I cried in response to the stimuli they presented -- I will say that this movie is great in that it covers the basics:

-death (one main character is a widower)
-children, and the demands thereof
-unrequited love
-sibling love, and the shit we put up with therefor (what's the point of the legal education if you can't throw a little "therefor" around every once in a while?)
-old folks (I mean, how can you *NOT* love old folks, but this movie was clearly written by someone who didn't just love them but appreciated them and cared for them and wished that they had more in their life like I wish for in mine)
-trouble, and the response of hiding behind alcohol, briefly, and the immense *wake-yo-self-up-you-fuck-head* results (if nothing else -- always a good story)
-lonely immediate *I-must-change-my-life-this-instant-actions* to which I and many of my friends can relate (also a good story)


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