May 8, 2009

Island Snippits

Yesterday, or maybe the day before or the day before that (I can't quite keep the vacation days straight, you know?) we all tentatively thought about going for a swim in the ocean and C went first. After diving beneath a turquoise wave, he turned and said, with true appreciation

Oh, wow! It's really nice.Come on in, it's not even that warm.

Yeah. C is from Miami. His comment made E & me laugh all afternoon. Not even that warm! Imagine if he tried that tactic in Northern California.

In other news, Johnny Cakes are amazing side dishes, if a bit heavy (but no problem for us to put 'em away on the side of our delicious lunch today given the pace of eating we've been keeping and the pseudo work-out I managed to fit in this lazy morning before wading into the ocean).

If you wonder what these wonderful fried balls of goodness called Johnny Cakes are, look no further:

They are offered as a substitute for french fries on the side of hamburgers, etc. If you hesitate, you are likely to find yourself with both, which is what happened to us today. We did not complain.

As for food, we haven't had a bad meal this whole trip. When/if I get the time I'll post a more comprehensive review of all of our belly-filling experiences, but suffice it to say that if you are looking for a caribbean vacation where you focus on relaxation, gorgeous views, food, beaches, relaxation, and little else (no bustle, no drama, no crowds, no shopping, no spa, very little night-life), the island of Anguilla is something to consider.

It's low season and it feels as if we have this beautiful island to ourselves -- on multiple occasions, we've been the only folks at a well-known restaurant or beach and have enjoyed all of the beauty and wonder completely on our own.

Tomorrow, we head out. We hope to snap some great photos of planes landing at Saint Princess Juliana Airport. In case we fail, you should really look up some photos. The landing/take-off over the beach and into the mountains is quite impressive. Here's to hoping we get some good action shots tomorrow.

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