May 11, 2009

That's fair

I'm great at falling asleep on planes. Anywhere, really. I get into the time zone of the places we visit fairly easily.

But, what I do suffer from is middle-of-the-night insomnia when I am stressed. Or, apparently, when I'm fully rested and the time zone we left says it is time to wake up.

So, today, I started my return to the real world by waking up at 3:30 AM. You know, 6:30 EST, because that's when we had to get up for the last two days to travel back home.

Fun times.

On the other hand, I'd have insomnia for a week and it would still be worth it. After all, Anguilla was rimmed with empty beaches like this:


And, bonus, we got to watch the planes land (and E stood in the jetwash for some take-offs) at Princess Juliana Airport.


The picture above is actually a fairly small plane but it shows the whole scene the best. We also saw an A340, which was impressive and made R and I laugh hysterically for some reason, but we were unable to see the 747 scheduled for later in the day. I guess we'll have to go back...

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