July 9, 2009

A Sample of the North to the Future

(Yes, "North to the Future" is the Alaska State Motto. Weird.)

It's 1:25 AM and it's slightly grey out here, in Anchorage, E just turned on the lights by the bed. We're getting ready to wrap up our wonderful trip (Yay free wireless at our final hotel!) and I'm certain pictures will speak much more efficiently than I ever could. So here you go:

Mt. McKinley (aka Denali) from our plane:


The municipal airport in Fairbanks:


The cars we road upon while guests of the ridiculously civilized Alaska railroad:


One of many views from the Alaska railroad:


One of many views from various trails within Denali National Park:


The truly mammoth tomato operation at Ann's greenhouses:


The Alaska Pipeline:



Arvay said...

I'm so glad your railroad views weren't ruined by smoke. It's thinned out a bit over the last day or so since the wind's changed, and we have a storm today. I have some green tomatoes and some little zucchinis now. :)

Biting Tongue said...

It was smokey, but we still had great views on all legs.

Final total seen from the train:
-million mountain views
-10(ish) meese (including 3 behbehs)
-1 brown bear
-innumerable jackrabbits
-20(ish) ducks and behbeh ducklings

Arvay said...

Yay behbeh knobby-need meeese!

Arvay said...

Errr... KNEED.