November 1, 2009

A day for running

Today was a glorious day for running on both coasts of the US!

First, Meb was the first U.S. Citizen to win the New York Marathon since 1982.

He cried.

Reading about it, I got teary.

In much less intense news, I did my 5th annual participation in my favorite local race. I have let training fall very much by the wayside, lately.

So my goal was simple: Finish in less than 2h30.

I am happy to say that despite a day prior's waking at 5 AM to go to a full day at the hospital followed by a couple of glasses of wine with dinner while enjoying Halloween with good friends, I was able to meet my goal and even surprise myself a little bit with how I was able to attack the hills.

Daylight savings gets much of this credit. We left the halloween festivities "early" at 11:20, but as far as the AM was concerned it was 10:20, so I was asleep in bed before 11. Man, I love fall-back. [Spring-forward? Not so much.]

So, yes. I'm proud that I've kept up this tradition for 5 years. I showed up at the hospital with a medal that I put on brother, because his attitude inspired me. There were a couple of points where I really wanted to walk and I thought, "you can like should because you can, even if it hurts" (I didn't have these thoughts on the steep uphills -- I walked those without regret).

I look forward to keeping up this tradition in years to come. I think the only thing that could make me want to break it is if I managed to get a slot at the NY marathon...

Yay USA. Yay Running. Yay, brother concocting a story that explained that the blue ribbon on the medal meant "First Place" and that he wheeled the whole thing both ways across the golden gate bridge, fog on the way out, clear on the way back...

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