November 4, 2009

Never Seen Before

Work is blowing up. If my experience is any indication, the economy should be starting to recover.

Tonight after a ridiculously long day at work when I was staffed on a new emergency fast track deal at 1:30 AM, I came home for a quick dinner before making myself available for additional document review and disclosure, if necessary.

E asked for Sushi. I obliged, because I'm trying to be a good wife (especially when I know I've been slipping on that front lately).

Our local Sushi joint is close. Good. Relatively reasonably priced. And tonight, there was a female sushi chef dressed in a red tunic with wide black color trim behind the sushi boat "U".

It really shocked me.

I don't think I've ever seen a female sushi chef before (but I can't be sure).

Anyone else? Am I just forgetting other encounters I must have had, or is this one of those things that doesn't usually happen?

Regardless, I like this place just a little bit more for bucking what is at a minimum a cultural norm, and may be, for all I know, a sexist prohibition.

E, of course, got no end of enjoyment out of accusing me of being sexist for liking the place more simply because it had a female chef...


Arvay said...

I'm thinking of doing my own post on bucking cultural norms. I am proud to be able to handle most "manly" tasks, but I will confess that I am sad to find a few callouses on my hands that were never there before. I'm feeling a need to assert my femininity, but I don't know how. I certainly can't wear dresses or skirts. I can't even wear shoes that aren't boots. I can't wear too much jewelry because I work with my hands. All I can do is wear pretty underwear, but no one but me knows it's there!

A friend gave me an gift certificate for my birthday, and after looking at silk pajamas and some simple, pretty jewelry, I settled on a maul and an axe sharpener. And I can't wait until they arrive! Silk pajamas will have to wait!

Biting Tongue said...

LOL! I hear you. I have fleeting thoughts around wanting to assert my femininity, but whenever it comes to follow-through I manage to find other, more interesting things to do with my time.

The only place where I succeed is pedicures.

Some day...